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lijing kindergarden




Beijing, China

Picazo architects was commissioned to work on the design of a new facade for the existing Lijing kindergarden on July 2014.


The existing three floors L-Shaped kindergarden facade was outdated, visually unappealing and lacked any architectural style. This was an "unhappy building" that looked like yet another residential building in the compound that surrounded it.


Our brief was to design a LANDMARK kindergarden by creating a new modern (and inexpensive!) facade solution without affecting the natural light going through the existing windows into the classroom.


Children were a valuable help on the design of our new proposal, by providing colorful drawings of what they liked, enjoyed and dreamt their new kindergarden to be. Their ingenious drawings (which were included as part of the final facade!) led us to our final design; a UNIQUE landmark design that, while respecting the very rich and strong Chinese culture, traditions and symbolisms, it surprises visitors upon arrival. New simple metal circles cover the whole facade, creating a very colorful and lively design while allowing for natural light into the building. This is a modern design where children can "play and interact" by changing its color arrangement and adding more drawings any time throughout the year!


A building full of life that inspires EVERYONE's ideas and creativity to a higher level! A building for children. And UNIQUE experience for ALL...

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