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Picazo Architects is a world class award winning architectural firm with an international reputation for consistent innovation at the highest level of architectural design. Our main headquarters is based in Santa Cruz deTenerife - Canary Islands, Spain . We also have offices in Madrid - Spain, Monterrey - Mexico and Beijing - China.


Founded in 1972 by Jorge Picazo, Picazo Architects has worked with many clients, consultants, engineers and contractors in more than 1,000 projects, always guaranteeing high quality modern designs and innovative ideas within the budget set by the Client.


Our services include architecture, masterplanning, interior design, landscape design, product design and construction. We can provide our clients FULL design and construction services, working on every Stage of Design, from initial feasibility Concept studies to Schematic Design, Detail Design and construction, always guaranteeing our schemes are of the highest quality in design, attention to detail and construction.


Picazo Architects is an architectural international firm that has undertaken projects all across Europe, Africa, South America, USA, Middle East and China and has been awarded with several design and construction international awards.


We have great experience on working on challenging and demanding international jobs where we need to comply with the local regulations and government officials requirements to get our projects approved and ultimately built on site.


Our professional experience ranges from residential developments to airports,  offices, masterplans, touristic complexes, hotels, museums, libraries, auditoriums, theatres, concert halls, schools, high rise towers, interior design and sport arenas amongst others.


Our design approach is simple: we listen to our Clients needs and unique vision and design the best possible projects that engage with the existing site, culture, architecture and traditions of the place or city where we work.


“To conceive a unique and sustainable design, experience and talent only takes you half way there. The rest comes from designing from your heart and your eternal love for your profession.” - David Picazo.


Picazo Architects is proud to work with passionate Clients and professionals who share our principles. A group of people whose main goal is, by loving what we do (Architecture!), design the best sustainable, dynamic, cost effective and efficient buildings and cities in the world.


We help our Clients to come up with the best possible brief, giving our professional experience and suggestions to end up with a unique target; that special goal that will make us all proud when we finally see our creation built.


Working this way (as Architects and Clients as one Team!) Picazo arquitectos has achieved an excellent solid reputation as one of the most innovative and sustainable architecture firms in the international market.


We fully understand that every Client is different and every project is unique. Therefore, we don’t have a fixed architectural language but we work in response to the special needs of our Clients and the context where we work. We use sketches, models and state-of-the-art digital tools that help us engage with our Clients and express our unique ideas.


We are here to make your dream and visions a reality!

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“Planet Earth was there before mankind. We are mere visitors who need to cherish its beauty and protect its natural resources so it can live forever. Love your planet, cherish our environment and work hard to protect it” . Jorge Picazo.


Every team member at Picazo arquitectos works under the premises that making our buildings as sustainable and efficient as possible is the ONLY responsible way forward.


Our design teams have a vast experience working with the most up to date sustainable technologies as well as having the “know how” to integrating these modern technologies into our buildings.


Every energy-efficient building we design is different and we defend the idea that achieving a sustainable building does not necessarily have to come at an additional cost to our Clients. Simple decisions such as using traditional design and building technologies, local materials and cleverly orientating our designs so they can benefit from their site’s natural conditions, help our projects to become sustainable and efficient while keeping the building costs within our Client’s budget.


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Picazo Architects enjoys working on unique projects, big or small, where our design ability can be challenged and our dynamic ideas can be proposed and develop (working together with the Client and Consultants) to their full potential.


Picazo Architects currently employs the best possible team of professionals and consultants to deliver our world class designs. Our design team has extensive experience working on projects of all different sizes and uses. Large or small, every project we work on is unique and we treat them with the same respect and love regardless their size.


We are equipped with the best computer aid technology and programs to develop all types of projects as well as we possess great experience and unique internal organization to work on projects of any size.

Our firm also has an enormous expertise on the construction process, both building it ourselves or  liaising with contractors and engineers to end up with an excellent building in the end.


No matter the size of the project, Picazo Architects will always deliver a world-class architecture that will make us all (the Architects, the Client and all other Consultants) proud of the end result when the scheme is finally built.


We LOVE architecture and our profession!


We are committed to make a change in the world and, with our unique vision and expertise on sustainability and energy-efficiency design, minimize the environmental impact of our buildings on Earth.


Picazo Architects leading Design Directors, Jorge, Damian and David Picazo boast impressive credentials working with some of the world’s most prestigious international architectural firms , including TP Bennett architects, Pelli-Clarke-Pelli architects, Foster and Partners and Make architects.


Picazo Architects brought together those impressive personal careers and unique portfolios and experiences to an environment where their personal creative solutions and love for architecture can thrive and where our designs become unique responses to our client’s needs.


Picazo Architects employs highly qualified team members- in our 4 international offices - including architects, engineers and consultants who work very closely to deliver bespoke and unique projects for our clients. All members at our firm devote themselves to every project, great or small, with the same passionate creative energy and flair which sets them firmly at the forefront of the industry.


The works, awards and projects by Picazo Architects have been largely published in architecture books, magazines, websites and different international media since we started trading as a professional company.


Our founding partners Jorge and David Picazo have also hold many international conferences all over the world, talking about what we love the most...architecture, masterplanning, interior design, landscape design, product design, sustainability and the world of CREATION!


We have also given hundreds of interviews to different international medias, Universities, public and private entities and governments, amongst others, making sure our sustainable credentials and design values are spread all over the world.

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Picazo Architects will always defend and protect our company values creating a modern, innovative and sustainable architecture wherever we work!


Our team of professionals work under the principle that “planet Earth was there before us, therefore we need to cherish and protect it”.


Together, with our expert LEED specialists, we create an architecture that protects the world’s natural resources and responds to the natural

environment by trying to reduce the CO2 emissions of our buildings.


We would like to thank our Clients and the media for your trust and  interest and trust on our architecture and values, hoping to keep promoting an architecture that CARES about our already damaged planet.


Together, we can all make a difference!


Picazo Architects has received many different international awards in recognition for the quality of our work, our designs, architecture, detailing, interior design, landscape design and construction. These international awards are the result of our absolute passion and dedication for our work, giving our best at all times.


Our designs do not only look to respond to our Client's needs but also try to respect and respond to the environment, the culture, the traditions and the place where we are designing. Picazo arquitectos will never rest neither stop trying to deliver a world class modern architecture; elegant and innovative designs that will make us all, architects, Clients, governments, developers and users very proud!


From our international offices in Spain, Mexico and China we would like to thank everyone who helped us to design and build our projects and to win all our international design and construction awards for doing what we like the most...TO CREATE!!!


Thanks everyone!



Jorge Picazo

for and on behalf of Picazo Architects

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