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bon office building




Beijing, China

The curvy and fluid office interiors contrast with the strong rectangular building overall massing, providing great dynamic diversity of spaces inside and outside.

This sustainable facade is clad in 50% glass and 50% stone+ metal, following a “rhythmic pixelated pattern” that responds to the interior design functionality, the building orientation and the site's sun +  wind paths.

Picazo architects overall design responds to the image, function and office philosophy  of our client, BON CORPORATION, one of the leader Data companies in China.

On the facade design, the glass and stone elements ("pixels") represent Numbers and Information Nodes, while the vertical metal elements represent Data. All together, the facade represents "hundreds of Numbers, Information and Data" running up and down the building in the same manner that they do in computer systems.

As described by international design magazines, "this award winning sustainable design is a truly UNIQUE architecture and interior design masterpiece that truly represents its client's philosophy while also creating a great fluid and dynamic variety of outdoor and indoor spaces"

Project type



25,000 m2

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