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2014 - CHINA






Picazo Architects won an international design competition to design the first sustainable airpark resort in China in August 2014. This project will include uses such as a private airport, hotels, luxury residential villas, offices, towers, museums, concert halls, exhibition and business centers, hot springs resorts, retirement homes, hospitals, research centers and commercial uses amongst others. Racing tracks, a horse riding course, a flying training center and different sport facilities will also be part of this very exciting new destination in China.

Picazo Architects and Flying Tigers (BJ) General Aviation Co. Ltd. are determined to cherish and protect the planet so every building in this resort will be designed following the highest possible sustainable standards and “top of the art” technology, helping this project to reduce its CO2 emissions and become an example to other future developments of this kind in the world. The inclusion of green roofs, solar panels, innovative modern rainwater harvesting systems, wind turbines, recycling and low energy consumption technologies will also help this resort to reduce its overall carbon footprint on the site.


Picazo arquitectos proposes a fresh and modern way to understand (and live!) architecture and urban design. A modern and sustainable mixed use airpark masterplan resort surrounded by nature, trees, green open spaces and lakes that will help to maintain and attract more local wild life while keeping the temperatures low during the warmer seasons. Nature, sustainable green architecture, outdoor activities, parks, lakes, sports and residential, office, commercial and mixed use luxury accommodation living together in a modern and green sustainable environment!

Visitors and residents of this resort will enjoy the experience of flying some of the best gliders, ultra lights, helicopters, hot air balloons and small low-consume planes in the world. Additionally, this resort will offer racing tracks for those who love the motor world! Races with cars, lorries, trucks, superbikes, old fashion vehicles, rallies, etc. will attract those who love speed and racing on selected days of the year! The heat and energy produced by the racing cars will be recycled and re-used on the rest of the masterplan thanks to the use of the modern technology brought to the site. A UNIQUE modern Eco friendly masterplan in China!

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