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beijing philharmonic orchestra




Beijing, China

Picazo Architects bold and striking design for the 33,000m2 China’s philharmonic orchestra in Beijing proposes a curved fluid building and harmonic landscape intended to become a modern landmark for the city of Beijing.


The building's external curved transparent glass wall welcomes visitors into the main hall while enjoying the magnificent views of the city, the lake and the modern landscape design proposed.


The smaller auditorium is dedicated to daily training. The ramps that wrap this building around its outer facade will lead musicians to the different training rooms as well as to the open roof terrace where to enjoy views of the site and its surroundings.


The bigger auditorium is for main public performances and has been designed following the latest innovations on acoustic design and technology to guarantee the BEST possible sound performance in the space.


our overall design will bring the art of creating MUSIC to a greater level! A temple of love, strength and passion that will make us feel emotions that, sometimes, we didn’t even know we could feel!


A truly world class design from where to enjoy...MUSIC!

Project type

Concert Hall


33,000 m2

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