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Chengdu, China

Picazo Architects proposal for the Chengdu Central Shopping mall was to create an innovative design for a modern area in Chengdu. The project consists on the interior design of a 65,000 m2 shopping mall (divided into 7 floors) as well as the interior design of 45,000 m2 of office, hotel and residential spaces throughout the building. On the top level of one of the three towers, Picazo Architects proposes the design of a unique modern style 5 star restaurant overlooking the whole city of Chengdu.


The design of the shopping mall is based on creating the best possible people's circulation while guaranteeing shops and vendors excellent exposure to their shop front from every angle. Our modern and innovative design offers wide and curved corridors that lead visitors through the spaces and link them horizontally and vertically in a fluid and harmonic manner. Special attention has been placed on lighting design, used as a design strategy to guide visitors through the different spaces as well as to provide comfort and different ambiences throughout while shopping.


The offices, hotel, residential, restaurant and landscape spaces have also been designed following the high specifications required by the client, providing UNIQUE modern and innovative design to respond to the world's modern expectations.

Project type



110,000 m2

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